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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What a Wednesday!

So I think my new productive day is Wednesday. After work, I finished the nightstand YAY!!!!!!!!! But then kept going and put my bed together at my parent's place and attached my fabulous headboard, and then moved onto making some of the throw pillows for my bed! This took me about 5hours, and by the time I got home, I was soooo super tired I went to bed (hence the Wednesday title on Thursday).

For organizational and chronological purposes, I'll enlighten you all about my headboard and throw pillows in this separate post (we all know we like an organized blog). So stay tuned for my Nightstand Part Three post, but refresh yourselves on Part One and Part Two in the meantime!

I went to Joann's Fabric and I bought the fabric for the headboard and some throw pillows, and also got a few pillow forms. I want my bed to look like it should be in a magazine, that is my ultimate goal, I think it's doable.. right?

I already recovered the headboard, but just had to attach it to the bedframe. All you have do to is screw on two posts, and then bolt the posts to the bedframe. Super easy! Also, I recommend adding felt pads or something on the posts so it won't scratch the walls.

It looks even better with a real bed with it, see?!

My total cost of the HeadBoard was $19.23, which was the cost of the the Fabric. I know that's expensive for just fabric, but it's thick upholstery material and my only expense. A new headboard would have cost at least $100, so I think I made out on the deal.

Moving onto pillows:
I had two oversized pillows I bought from Linens and Things when it was going out of business, but they don't match anything I have and will not match anything in my new room. So I decided to take them and make new pillows! I bought the fabric at Joann's on clearance (cause I love a bargain) to make it match my new bedroom decor.

So the pillows from Linen's and Things look like this:

and I made one into the pillows on either end:
**The gray on the end has a pink backing**

The two pillow forms now look like this (close up):

I still have one of the big pink pillows to transform, but I need more fabric, so that will come soon!

Cost Breakdown of my 4 new throw pillows:
Two pillow forms (on sale): $8.48
Gray rosette fabric (on sale): $3
Pink Fabric (on sale): $1.75
Leftover Headboard fabric: $0
Filling from old pillows: $0

Total cost for 4 Pillows: $13.23 which equals $3.31 per pillow!! Throw pillows at cost are usually at minimum $12 each! What a deal! It was SO easy to make the pillows too!

All you have to do is lay the fabric together so it'll look inside out, and stitch (by hand or machine, I used machine, WAY easier) a straight line down. I went over each corner a few times just to make sure it wouldn't come apart. Then pull the pillow right side out, and insert the pillow/stuffing. To seal the pillow, stuff it partially then stitch the majority of the top, finish stuffing it, then seal it off. Again I go over the corners to make sure it won't come apart. And Voila, pillows!

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Stay tuned. Stay crafty and stay excited for the big reveal of the nightstand!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Headboard and Hardwork!

In my quest to re-do my room, I decided I needed to re-cover the fabric headboard I have. My parents made it for me (see where I get my crafty-ness from?) when they re-did my room when I was 12. It looked great, but the fabric isn't really matching anything I'm going for now, plus it's old, a little ripped and it's just time for a change.. hence my whole room re-decoration project!

Here's the before picture!

Now I had help from my parents, which I'm grateful for. I had my ideas about how I was going to recover it, but their experience with the fabric headboard helped. I started ripping off the fabric, but it turned out that the fabric I bought could go right over the old, and you can't see it at all! Perfect cause ripping off the old fabric was a total pain in the.. you know where. Now, I was going tack on the new fabric from the bottom, and then do the two sides and finish with the top. It was easier to do the sides, so that way the pattern can be set straight on the headboard. Then I did the bottom and doing the top last worked great so I can fix any wrinkles, bunches, whatever.

TIP: Find a thick fabric, using upholstery would be best! This will hold together all the badding, but also hold up against the wear and tear it'll go through. TIP: Try using an industrial stapler, you need something that will go into the wood and hold it all together. A hammertack was too much to try and swing it while holding the headboard. It proved to be a dangerous situation. TIP: Lay it out across the front and try to make sure the pattern (if any) is straight, or how ever you want it.

Now to the top. Because of the heart shape, it was pretty hard for me to love this project. Also I was facing the back the whole time, so I couldn't see my work coming together but that also made the reveal even better!

Anyway. It was pretty difficult to get the fabric smoothed out over curve and not have it bunch together in the center. So I tacked the top of each curve, then snipped the fabric at the center and stapled it from the top of each curve and worked inward. Then did the top out to the corner.

This was pretty time consuming, and I definitely worked up a sweat! It was a ton of lifting, moving, smoothing, restapling, just a lot of hard and tedious work! But here's the finished product!

I LOVE IT! I think it looks really soothing and calm, and I just can't wait to make my bed and lay down and look at it day in and day out! I think it's very adulty, but also it's not too feminine so when James and I move in together, we'll be good, and I won't have to go through this again!

Stay Tuned, Stay Crafty and Stay Inspired.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nightstand Re-Fab: Part Two

The second coat of paint is on! Now it's time to work on the handle.

I did a quick Google search on how to clean brass and found several solutions. First said to use ketchup. Now, this sounds extremely misleading, but it sort of worked. The only thing, is it took a ton of ketchup and a lot of time. The smell of it was absolutely making me nauseous. It was like a Heinz factory in the kitchen, AWFUL. So back to Google I went, and found something saying to take a lemon, dip it in salt and scrub. I knew this smell wasn't going to make me nauseous, so I was in.

I bought two lemons for $1.58, and used regular table salt, and scrub, scrub, scrub! I cut each lemon into small wedges, and scrubbed down to the rind. Cutting into the smaller pieces was great so the juice wasn't wasted. TIP: Make sure you don't have any cuts on your hands, otherwise the mixture of lemon juice and salt will kill you! TIP: Cut the lemons as you go, this way if you don't need them all, you can save it for something else!

Now for the reveal, Da Da Da DUNNNNN!!!!!!!

It looks great! I love how its sort of shiny, but not too new looking. It works well with the clean, crisp white and really pops. I'm going to save the picture of it for when the nightstand is completely finished!

Now for the price breakdown:
Ketchup: (already had)
2 Lemons: $1.58
table salt: (already had)
Detailed brass handle: (already had) but the normal cost is $40 and up!

Total cost: $1.58

Originally I was going to throw the handle out, and buy a new one, but I'm SO happy I didn't! What a treasure, and it really looks great!

TIP: Don't be overwhelmed by a project, and don't underestimate yourself! Give it a shot, you never know how something is going to turn out! TIP: Google is always there for you!

Look forward to Part Three: Finishing the detail on the nightstand!!

Stay tuned, stay crafty and stay determined.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nightstand Re-Fab: Part One

I was in such a foul mood all day. All I wanted to do was come home and lay down in the dark and sleep the night away. Why? I have no idea. Just middle of the week slump I guess. I wanted to go to the gym, but my bad mood threw that idea out the fitness window. I didn't want to waste my evening, so I decided to get a jump start on re-fabbing (re-fabulous-ing, new term, its probably the next big thing) a part of my bedroom beautification on a budget.

So the task, taking a nightstand that was my part of mom's bedroom set from when she was little and re-finishing it to go with my new room.

Here are the before pictures, it is a brown/gold, that turned green over time.. The paint started chipping and lifting in certain spots.
**Note my cat laying underneath the nightstand =D

Step One, Sanding. I have never sanded anything before, well I have, but nothing this intense or that I actually cared about working on. I had some help and advice from my dad on this one, which I am extremely grateful for. I took off the hardware for the drawer, which I will have to soak to get the rust off, but also I had to remove the wooden applique. One of them fell off during the move, and when I was taking the other off, it cracked. So rather than being able to save it for another project, it is beyond repair and in the big workshop in the sky. Now, when you start sanding something, start with the coursest sandpaper, and work your way to the finest piece. This will help get the last coat of paint or finish off, and then work the item down to getting a better paint job on the piece in the end. TIP: I recommend working outside, so the dust doesn't consume the inside of your home. TIP: I recommend using something firm to wrap the sand paper around, a block would work, to use for the edging or small cracks and crevises, otherwise your fingers will be killing you.. lesson learned =/

Progress pictures

Step Two, Painting. I've never painted a piece of furniture this detailed, but it wasn't that bad. TIP: Make sure you clean off all the dust before you start painting, using a wet cloth will work best. TIP: Taking long strokes, and not having a ton of paint on the brush made it a little easier to paint all the detail. This way there weren't any globs or drips that you'll have to go back and sand then paint over later.

Also, make sure there is enough lighting whereever you're painting, this way you'll be able to tell the spots you miss to get a better job done the first time around. Also, make sure everything is smooth and the paint it even on the surfaces.

I'm still working on the second coat but here is the nightstand of of now:

Still left to do: Second coat of paint, figure out how to get the rust off the hardware for the drawer and potentially figure out a new detail for the corners.

I don't know why, but just focusing on a project and letting all your frustration out was a great stress release, and now, I'm in a great mood! I'm really excited to finish the nightstand and see how the final product turns out!

Stay crafty, stay happy and stay tuned!

Monday, September 19, 2011

No Rest for the Wicked.

The moving verdict. I'm moving back in with my parents to save some money. I really want to be out on my own, but I think right now, it is smarter for James and I to live with our parents, and save for a home of our own. So.. I've become minorly obsessed with redoing my room and re-furbing the furniture I have that has been in storage for several months, and making over my bedroom so it look more 'adulty' but also, this way we'll have things for when we move in together.

On Saturday, I had a whole list of To-Do, to do. I started out by running a few errands and the last stop on my list was to make a trip to the bank, and on my way I stumbled upon some lovely yard sales! Now, I love a good yard sale, and by love, I mean head over heels, L-O-V-E yard sales. Plenty of weird stuff you don't really need but for some reason want to buy, walking through the maze of tables on a front lawn, listening to the people try and barter with the host and the best part, getting great deals.

My yard sale experience was successful. I found a few pieces we can use for our centerpieces (details to come in a blog near you), but I also found a few real treats!

I got this baby for $10!!

and this was still in it's wrapping from Kohls, originally priced at $29.99, I got it for $3!!

So all I had to do was pack them in my car, and take them home!

So after I finished hitting the sales, I went to Home Depot got some paint and a bigger paintbrush, I touched up the paint on both items, and voila!!! I also threw a new coat of paint onto my bookcase from when I was a little kid (which desperately needed it).

and here's my after picture!!

Here is my cost breakdown:
Bookcase $0 (already had), normal cost $50
Paint (semi-gloss interior white) $11
Paintbrush $3
Mirror $10, normal cost $40
Frame $3, normal cost $30

So in total, I spent $27, when to buy it all brand new would have cost over $120, talk about Extreme Deal-finding!!!!

All in all, saturday was a successful errand day, with a few added bonuses. I'm really pumped about my new items, and ready to take the plunge to move back in with my parents.

SPOILER ALERT: I ALSO painted an initial coat on an upcoming project I'm still in the middle of working on. Hopefully I'll finish that sometime this week.
SPOILER, PART TWO: I made my plan on re-finishing a nightstand that used to be my mom's when she was a kid. Super fun and full of DIY flare!
SPOILER, PART THREE: Tonight (Monday) I spent an hour at Joann's Fabric for yet another project on my to-do list

So here are some lessons I learned this weekend:
TIP: Don't get snobby, and if there is something in particular you're looking for, check out your local Goodwill/Salvation Army/Yard Sales/etc. You can find great pieces, at awesome prices. Most of the time, the things just need a little love (and lysol) and you're good to go!
TIP: For more detailed items, use a smaller paint brush, but for big things (bookcases, bureaus, etc) splurge and save yourself (and your back) the pain!
TIP: Don't sell yourself short, you can do it! Just take your time and pay attention and you'll be able to re-fab (short for re-fabulous) anything! But also, you can do it on a limited budget!

Stay tuned, stay crafty and stay inspired!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

MyMemories Software

Ahhhhh Sunday Morning.. laying in bed, with nothing on my agenda for the day, except to create. What a beautiful to do list to have!

What was your first Craft Project? A decorated picture frame? Re-finishing an old piece of furniture? I started out scrapbooking, the gateway craft which started my addiction for crafting. Have you tried it? Careful, it will consume you.

The only thing about scrapbooking, is it takes a lot of time and money. The supplies (pictures, stickers, papers, glue, etc) really add up, plus planning each page and the album in whole! This is why my scrapbooking has been put on the back burner, until now! I found My Memories scrapbooking software, and this is something really great! It's a digital software, where you can make as many albums as you like, decorate them however you want and share everything you make with your friends and family!!

Now, I love technology, but I am still old fashioned and don't like to do things online. So I was skeptical about how I would like the software, or how user friendly it is (cause I'm not very tech-savvy). I didn't need any directions, although I would have appreciated some information about all the features it has. The software is very open, so your creativity can flow through your fingers to the new albums you're making!

There are so many options so it's really versatile for any occasion you might be scrapbooking for! Grandma's birthday? Your niece's 1st birthday? Family trips to Bermuda? YES, YES, and YES! You can begin by choosing a template, or customize your own. You are able to add your own texts, embellishments, ribbons, and add the pictures you have on your computer, with out uploading or having to resize them! The best part, I think is, you can print each page you make, but also the software gives you margins to stay within so if you do print it, none of your creation will be cut off!

It's SO easy to use, and is really a great asset for scrapbookers everywhere.

Would you like to WIN a FREE copy of this software???????? If you fiddle around on www.mymemories.com, and comment below about your favorite background, or template, and comment on this blog post which one is your favorite, you'll be entered to win a FREE copy!!!!

I made an album to share the pictures from the day we got engaged!!

Want to buy a copy? Visit http://www.mymemories.com/digital_scrapbooking_software to buy your own, and use this code: STMMMS16888 to save money on your order!!!

I've already made three albums in 2hours, and I haven't had ANY coffee yet!! So get creative and get excited to win your own My Memories Software!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving on out.... maybe?

...I want to be in a movie. Everytime I write in my blog, I think about Julie and Julia, and how I could be discovered and have a movie made abuot my life. But then I think, I'm not interesting enough to be in a movie, let alone the plot.

So James and I are contemplating moving in together, in the big world all alone. Well with my best friend Caitlin, and our cats. So not really alone, but on our own I should say. This thought is somewhat scary because 1) I'm stable and old enough to move out and survive (hopefully) 2)It's a big commitment to a place and it will take a lot of money (moving expenses, furniture, start up supplies, plus rent, utilities, etc) and 3) am I really ready to be out on my own and never turn back???

I lived at college all four years, three of which I spent in an on-campus apartment. I bought and made my own food, cleaned and furnished it all too. Since June, I've been living at my aunt's house. This is where I've been doing my crafting, cooking, blogging and whatever else. I was planning on moving back in with my parents as of October 1, but should I move back with them just to move back out a few months later? Why not just take the plunge and see how it goes.

It's not a question of whether I can do it or not, but if I want to do it right now. We've been looking up places and getting more information about apartments, and I love the idea of being out on my own, living with my fiance and BFF, but part of me just wants to wait, and I have NO idea why!!

Well as I look more and think about moving out, I'll share my thoughts with you all (whoever you are).

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm getting married at...???

First off, I need to talk about the new Facebook game I'm obsessed with, Wedding Street. It's just like FarmVille, but it is all about weddings. I have a wedding planning shop where I get clients and plan their weddings, I have my own flower shop, bakery, dress shop and soon I'll unlock a store where I can make stationary.

Each client gives me their budget, deadline, theme, colors, etc. The more they like something I design, the more hearts, or happiness I'll get. You can earn coins to buy more things to use for each wedding and there are also quick games to play within the game. I TOTALLY recommend this! It's a good time waster, and it's something you can leave and come back to throughout the day.

Now down to business.

Finding the perfect venue for your ceremony and reception is extremely difficult. James wants a location near water (lake, pond, river, ocean, I think he'll even settle for a koi pond) and my main request is a nice garden or near tons of flowers. I feel like these are two reasonable requests, but we're having some minor delays finding a place. I've been researching since February, and there are only so many venues that fill both of those requirements. It is quite stressful, as we need to decide pretty soon considering our wedding date is fast approaching, and June is so popular, everything will be booked.. YIKES

After traveling around the state of Massachusetts, we found the House of the Seven Gables in Salem MA, and fell in love! Any place that you walk into and get butterflies over, means something. A seaside garden, a unique location in a great city full of life and history, it is a little small for our 120 guests, but we can make it work.

BUT having to go through their rental company, the prices are skyrocketing! Is it worth a majority of our wedding budget just on the venue and rentals??? Being frugal, we've decided to keep looking, but it makes me so sad to pass up on the only place I've seen where I imagined myself walking down the aisle. We're trying to schedule more tours, but how can I push myself when I really don't want to keep looking.

Also we can't schedule any tours because no one is open late on weekdays or weekends! I swear every place is open from 10-4 Monday-Friday. WHO is available then, and how can I get their job?? TIP: Save your sick or vacation time at your job so you can go look at the venue. Also make a list of what is important to you and your fiance, and try contacting the event coordinator to ask those things before you get to the place. TIP: After you figure out your wedding budget, think about how much of it you're willing to put toward each cost associated with the wedding. This might help you before you start looking for a venue.

In the end, we'll wed at the perfect place, but for now we're still on the prowl for that perfect spot to tie the knot. (I love rhyming).

Stay crafty friends.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cooking and Painting, Painting and Cooking

A night home alone, just me, a new recipe and those darn popsicle sticks. Most women would get a glass of wine and a bubble bath, but I grabbed my apron and a paintbrush! The remnants of Hurricane Lee are upon the East Coast, and it's going to be a rainy, chilly week, perfect soup weather! So I decided to Google a recipe and try it!

Now, I know this blog is about preparing for my wedding, but why not add a few extra topics now and then to spice things up. Anyway, I need to be well rounded and domesticated to become the next Martha Stewart (sans the insider trading/tax evasion situation).

So my mission for the night: Sweet Italian sausage tortellini soup. For this you'll need
Chicken broth 42oz (I used low fat and low sodium)
Garlic -the recipe calls for 5 minced cloves, I say use as wanted
Sweet italian sausage
Spinach (fresh or frozen, just be sure to strain frozen)
Tomatoes and mushrooms (optional)
Olive oil
White Wine (optional)

What you do is saute the sausage, garlic and some oil. Bring the broth and wine to a boil, add in the vegetables, bring to a boil. Add the tortellini and after that is cooked, add in the sausage.

I, being awful at math added wrong and didn't get enough broth.. but if you add water, works just the same (I just added extra spices to make up for it). Also, I left the soup in the pan, but most of the broth evaporated, so I need to get more broth for my leftovers, which I can't wait to bring to work for this week! TIP: double check your math, and don't leave it in the pan, soup should have plenty of broth, thats what makes it soup.

Anyway, it was pretty good, and I'm not really a huge soup fan. After I ate I decided to FINALLY finish the popsicle sticks that have been sitting in the kitchen for a week. The blue took forever, even though we primed them with white first. When we were halfway through the project, James mentioned spray paint, which would have saved us a ton of time and effort, but there's nothing like painting love all over each of the 150 popsicle sticks, so hand painting it was.

TIP: When painting, make sure that there is space between each item, because as it dries, it WILL stick and it WILL chip your hard work. Lesson Learned. Now I wished I had finished them on a timely manner, but not having power and having to take care of all my weekend errands after work sort of threw me off. TIP: Make sure that you know how much a project will take (time, supplies, mental stamina, etc). If its a larger project, make sure you break it up, but more importantly, don't give up on it, you'll feel SO much better when its actually done.

There is nothing like crafting with some music 'bumping' in the background with a yummy new meal to woo my future husband with =]

SNEAK PEAK at my next project! I'm going to be reviewing the My Memories software. Look up mymemories.com and take a look around, because there is a chance that YOU could win a copy of it for yourself!! Also, if there is something you'd like me to try out before you do it, I'm open to all and any suggestion!

Stay crafty my friends.