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Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm getting married at...???

First off, I need to talk about the new Facebook game I'm obsessed with, Wedding Street. It's just like FarmVille, but it is all about weddings. I have a wedding planning shop where I get clients and plan their weddings, I have my own flower shop, bakery, dress shop and soon I'll unlock a store where I can make stationary.

Each client gives me their budget, deadline, theme, colors, etc. The more they like something I design, the more hearts, or happiness I'll get. You can earn coins to buy more things to use for each wedding and there are also quick games to play within the game. I TOTALLY recommend this! It's a good time waster, and it's something you can leave and come back to throughout the day.

Now down to business.

Finding the perfect venue for your ceremony and reception is extremely difficult. James wants a location near water (lake, pond, river, ocean, I think he'll even settle for a koi pond) and my main request is a nice garden or near tons of flowers. I feel like these are two reasonable requests, but we're having some minor delays finding a place. I've been researching since February, and there are only so many venues that fill both of those requirements. It is quite stressful, as we need to decide pretty soon considering our wedding date is fast approaching, and June is so popular, everything will be booked.. YIKES

After traveling around the state of Massachusetts, we found the House of the Seven Gables in Salem MA, and fell in love! Any place that you walk into and get butterflies over, means something. A seaside garden, a unique location in a great city full of life and history, it is a little small for our 120 guests, but we can make it work.

BUT having to go through their rental company, the prices are skyrocketing! Is it worth a majority of our wedding budget just on the venue and rentals??? Being frugal, we've decided to keep looking, but it makes me so sad to pass up on the only place I've seen where I imagined myself walking down the aisle. We're trying to schedule more tours, but how can I push myself when I really don't want to keep looking.

Also we can't schedule any tours because no one is open late on weekdays or weekends! I swear every place is open from 10-4 Monday-Friday. WHO is available then, and how can I get their job?? TIP: Save your sick or vacation time at your job so you can go look at the venue. Also make a list of what is important to you and your fiance, and try contacting the event coordinator to ask those things before you get to the place. TIP: After you figure out your wedding budget, think about how much of it you're willing to put toward each cost associated with the wedding. This might help you before you start looking for a venue.

In the end, we'll wed at the perfect place, but for now we're still on the prowl for that perfect spot to tie the knot. (I love rhyming).

Stay crafty friends.

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  1. have you looked in the Gloucester or rockport area.. they have pretty on the water venues