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Monday, November 4, 2013

Nice to see you again

So, I know I suck. The blog was supposed to be about planning for my wedding on the cheap, but it's been a while so let me update you on what's happened in the last while since I posted.
I GOT MARRIED! James and I had a beautiful wedding on June 29, 2013 in Wellesley, MA and it couldn't have been more perfect. I married the love of my life on a gorgeous summer day surrounded my our family, friends and loved ones.
I also reached my weight loss goal of hitting 100 pounds! I reached 100 in March and in the months leading up to my wedding I maintained. Since the honeymoon, I've gained a few.. OOPS, but such is life.
My current project is training for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January! I'm running as part of Team Homes for Our Troops and am committing to raise $500 for the organization. Through my upcoming blog posts, I'll talk about the organization and the veterans we serve, my runs and those who are making donations to help me reach my goal! I am an employee of Homes for Our Troops, and I help plan and coordinate the community support around each home we build, so I'll be talking about the events we host as well!. I am so lucky to have a wonderful job where I can give back to individuals who have given so much for me. That is why I chose to run this race and help our veterans.
Stay tuned, it's going to be a long road ahead! Autumn

Monday, May 14, 2012

Venue Decision!!

James and I will be getting married on June 29, 2013 at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society!! Check out the pictures on their website: www.masshort.org/images

I am so happy to announce that statement, and release all my stress, anxiety and worry about finding the perfect venue that is within reason of our budget. It has been such a LONG process, and we've probably looked at hundreds of websites, visited dozens of venues, but when you know, you know. You know?

So some of you may notice, it has the gardens, but what about the water? James and I realized that ocean front, though beautiful, is squeezing our budget too tight. Kinda like when you try to wear skinny jeans the day after Thanksgiving. Everything else can fit, but it was the ocean that gave us the muffin top. So in compromise, we're going to do our engagement picturs by the ocean.

There are so many unique gardens on the grounds that we can choose from for our ceremony, cocktail hour and pictures. We have the big carriage house for our dinner and it has a huge tent attached, which we will use for dancing! All this space is something we really liked, we have over 30 acres, so our guests can wander, without finding another wedding, or being cramped on top of each other, but also we have all these options for ceremony locations, cocktail areas and different options for the dinner and reception area. This is a huge perk for this venue, not to mention that these perfectly manicured grounds are GORGEOUS and have so many little details that our guests can discover while basking in the warm New England sun!
This is where our ceremony will take place!
This is the other end view where our ceremony will be, and a close up of a lilly pad in the fountain, just pretty, so I wanted to add it! This is the exterior shot of where the reception will be
This is inside, where dinner will be served!
One thing that was important to us, was to find a venue with long rental hours. Some venues will charge you extra to use their location for the ceremony and reception, have limited hours the reception can end or will offer you five minutes with the rental but charge you a million dollars if you want more time. Reality check please, this is the most important day of my life and I'd like to have it last a little longer than a power nap. So when you're looking at venues make sure you ask the question about how long you'll have the location, and it's important to find out if there is another wedding the same day, you don't want to arrive and find some lingering guests waiting for the encore!

Another perk our venue has, is it has tables and chairs for us to use! Granted we may decide to rent different chairs, but this option is great and could save a few thousand dollars, who wouldn't like that?! Seeing what is included in the rental price is a way to get more bang for your buck, literally! Also, if you don't have your heart set on a Saturday in June, like I do, it will spare your wallet! Always ask if they have off season rates or a different rate for Fridays or Sundays. Vendors have plenty resources available for you, and all you need to do is ask!

Now that we have a venue, we can really figure out what to do for all the details that will personalize our wedding! So exiting and I can't wait to make those decisions and share them with you all!

Stay tuned and stay questioning, you never know what it can bring you!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Back in Action!

I know I've said this before, but I'm back. I have been a little busy over the last few months, doing some wedding things, life things, work things, just a lot of things going on. First off, I've been working on my weight loss. I've been going to the gym about 5 times a week, eating better and drinking lots of water! I have lost 60pounds so far and I've got some more to go before my wedding! Also I moved out! I'm a closer to work, which is great, but also getting ideas for decorating, making some new recipes and really focusing on my wedding planning. PLUS I FOUND MY DRESS!!!!!!!! So I apologize for being so absent, but time has literally been flying by and I promise I have been doing things other than going to the gym! Right now James and I are working on booking our vendors: DJ, Photographer, videography, caterer, etc. Our wedding is only 414days away, YIKES! Where has the time gone??? As of tomorrow, we've been engaged for a year already and our wedding is only a year away!! Literally, time has flown by. I'm also trying to do mostly everything on the cheap because things can easily rack up and pretty soon I'll be spending as much for the wedding as I did for my entire college education. So I'll have lots to blog about from dress shopping, to the dreaded Bridal Expo to finding the perfect vendors!! So stay tuned and get ready for the planning whirlwind to begin!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

2012.. just a little late.

HIIIII!! I'm back!!

One of my resolutions for 2012 is to blog more. Obviously I haven't done that well in that area, but I've been working on my other resolutions. I've been hitting the gym, saving money and working on my other goals for 2012, but now its time to focus on my wedding, crafting and writing!!

I'm sorry for the hiatus, I promise I won't leave you again. I've been working on some things here and there, and can't wait to fill you in on all of them!

Here's a little preview of what will be coming in the weeks ahead!
-The big reveal of my street desk and chair!
-The sailboat rocker I made my nephew for Christmas
-An update on my weightloss journey!!
-My new found passion for Glass Blowing
-A recipe box re-fab

That's just to name a few

So I hope you'll forgive me, and I hope you'll join me again in my road to the Big Day!!

Stay tuned, stay crafty and stay faithful!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Found it in the street!

So when I first moved back in with my parents, I wanted to get a desk so I can have a station for my blogging, creating and to keep myself organized. But since my room is smaller, I decided against spending the money on something I don't really have room for. BUT when things are free, how can you say no??

A few days ago, I was driving and I saw a desk on the side of the road. I pulled over, and aside from minor water damage making the sides chip off, it was in great shape! I checked it out, and tried to finagle it into my car. I have a Ford Focus, and had to leave my trunk open while I drove back to my house. While shifting it into the trunk, 11 cents fell out of a drawer, so I made money on this deal.. well, not really. I shoved it in my car and brought it home. Then, I had to go to Home Depot to pick up new wood for the sides, and as I turned off my street I thought, "Now all I need is to buy a chair" and low and behold, some person making some room in their house, and put a perfectly good chair on the curb for a lucky little DIY-er like me. The chair, had a few spider sacks, YUCK, and seriously needed a new cushion, but was perfect for my new street desk set!

I thanked the gods for shining on me and stuck the chair in my car and went on my way! Ever heard of 'ask and yee shall receive' well after I found the chair, I asked for $100, nothing. I guess it's selective grants..

So I got home, did my sanding and started painting the desk. For the chair, I decided to attempt to spray paint it instead of painting with a brush. This was going to make it go faster, especially because I'm heading deeper into December and going to run out of nice days to paint. And just like that, the sun went down, and it started to rain.

I was SO excited to find this, because I truly believe having a desk gets those creative juices flowing and I can't wait to get crafting and finish my Christmas presents, my wrapping and work on my wedding things!

Have you found anything in the street? What do you think about the importance of a desk? Do you have your own creative space??

Stay tuned, Stay crafty and Stay searching!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Say Yes To The Dress Application!

So I just finished my application for Say Yes To The Dress! I tried to do it a few weeks ago, but I had trouble deciding on my answers! It was really long, but fun overall!

I had to describe myself and style in three words each.. HARD. I came up with bubbly, creative and enthusiastic and interesting, colorful and individual for style. I feel like those are accurate decriptions, right? Then say why I think I would be fun to watch on TV.. EASY. Hahaha

I liked the application because it gave me a chance to reflect on what I'm looking for for a dress, think about my wedding style and opinions! Good one TLC, now just pick me for your show!!

One thing I realized that I don't have at all are traditions. We're not doing a church ceremony, and we're sort of making our own ceremony out of a mixture of different things. Then I don't have any specific articles of clothing or jewelery, so I feel like I'm missing something. James always tells me we should start our own traditions, but a part of me wishes I had a family tradition to carry on.

This week, James and I figured out some wedding things, and looked at a venue we both REALLY REALLY REALLY like. This venue doesn't have the ocean view, but we feel so strongly about it, and it fits our budget! We went to visit, and it was SO nice! Decision to be announced soon!

After we got back from the venue, we sat in the car and did this!

So what are your traditions? Do you have a certain veil to use? Are you wearing a family heirloom?? Are you forging your own route and doing things your own way? Are you going to draw moustaches on your fingers?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birthday Post, Birthday Post

You may know the song "Birthday Sex," so when reading the title of this blog, sing it to that.

Anyway, so the weigh in of my 22 before 22 goal was yesterday and, I lost 12pounds. I'm actually pretty happy with myself, 12pounds is alot, and at least I lost weight. Small steps here people. I'll keep you updated as to when I finally get to 22, and then my major milestone points along the way.

But I do need to deeply apologize for not keeping up with the posting. James and I have been very busy doing our planning, but also work has picked up tremendously. After spending 8 hours staring at a screen, it's a little difficult to bring myself to look at one at home.

But I do promise to get back into my routine of posting and I'll let you know what I was up to in my hiatus!

Stay tuned, stay crafty and stay patient =D