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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving on out.... maybe?

...I want to be in a movie. Everytime I write in my blog, I think about Julie and Julia, and how I could be discovered and have a movie made abuot my life. But then I think, I'm not interesting enough to be in a movie, let alone the plot.

So James and I are contemplating moving in together, in the big world all alone. Well with my best friend Caitlin, and our cats. So not really alone, but on our own I should say. This thought is somewhat scary because 1) I'm stable and old enough to move out and survive (hopefully) 2)It's a big commitment to a place and it will take a lot of money (moving expenses, furniture, start up supplies, plus rent, utilities, etc) and 3) am I really ready to be out on my own and never turn back???

I lived at college all four years, three of which I spent in an on-campus apartment. I bought and made my own food, cleaned and furnished it all too. Since June, I've been living at my aunt's house. This is where I've been doing my crafting, cooking, blogging and whatever else. I was planning on moving back in with my parents as of October 1, but should I move back with them just to move back out a few months later? Why not just take the plunge and see how it goes.

It's not a question of whether I can do it or not, but if I want to do it right now. We've been looking up places and getting more information about apartments, and I love the idea of being out on my own, living with my fiance and BFF, but part of me just wants to wait, and I have NO idea why!!

Well as I look more and think about moving out, I'll share my thoughts with you all (whoever you are).

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