Making my journey through life, but taking you on my stops along the way!

Our Story!

How We Met:
James and I met in October 2005 at a Hurricane Katrina relief fundraising dance. James (then 17) was part of the group organizing the event, and had to auction himself off to try and raise more money. I (then 15) bid on him, and won the auction for $21, which turned out to be his lucky number! After maturing a little more, we started dating in February 2007, he was 19, and I 17. We were dating for just over four years when James proposed in May 2011!

 How He Proposed:
On May 12, 2011, James and I planned a picnic into Boston to celebrate my last day before I was to start my very first full time job, which was just a few days before my college graduation too. It was a rainy, gloomy day but we decided to head into the city anyway. We stopped at the Frog Pond and Carousel in Boston Common, then moseyed into the Public Garden. After riding the Swan Boats and reliving one of our first dates, we decided to head home, but first we had to stop at the Make Way For Ducklings statues.

We waited for some tourists to take their pictures before we were able to 'ride' the mother duck. We recreated a picture, and James then wanted to take my picture on the mother duck. After putting up a protest, I reluctantly sat and instead of taking my picture, he took one of the ground, then pulled out a ring box and proposed!!!

I instantly burst into tears and asked over and over if "this was real?!?" then a German couple started taking pictures of him proposing (and me crying). I said "Of Course" and we called our friends and family and headed home.