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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Survival

As Hurricane Irene blazes her way up the east coast, and people are braving the weather to get to the grocery stores for food, water, flashlights and other survival supplies, I went to AC Moore. My fiance, James and I went out and picked up supplies for one of our DIY projects for the wedding.

One thing I have trouble with is staying focused on one project at a time. I was all over the place trying to get ideas for other things we could do or make, but James, like always, kept me on track and focused to only get what we need right now. After a successful trip and making safely back from the store, we set up our station.

The project for the night was to paint the handles for the fans we are making for the ceremony. It is going to be June, so providing a small hand fan will prevent our guests from getting too hot. We decided to paint half white, half navy and do all different colored backgrounds, so that when you look at our guests, it will be a sea of color =]

Well, it took a little long to paint the handles.. we only did the base white coat on all of them. TIP: use wax paper, the items you're painting won't stick, and thus chipping or damaging your hard work! Also be prepared to get a little dirty, craft paint comes off very easy, but will stain nail polish!!

Anyway, so we quit for the night on Saturday and did a little more on Sunday, but then James had to work, and about 20 minutes after he left, I lost power. I kept painting for an hour, but things got a little too dark and I couldn't see anything! I didn't end up getting power back until this morning (Monday) and I had to work, so now, I have a large stack of half painted, over sized popsicle sticks sitting in the kitchen, which I will hopefully finish sometime this week.

So all in all: 1) Stay focused and don't take on too much at a time. This can be very difficult when you're excited but getting too much or scattering your thoughts will only overwhelm you! 2) Don't get a manicure before painting anything =[ and 3) Mother Nature often ruins your timeline for your projects

Stay crafty my friends, even through a hurricane.

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  1. Good advice! I love the wax paper tip, I will be trying that next time- in the past I've used newspaper & it was very sticky.