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Saturday, August 27, 2011

For Everything There is a Season

After years of ridicule and teasing because I was named after a season, I always wanted to get married in the Fall, with big sunflower bouquets. But when I started putting ideas together and really making decisions with my fiance of things we wanted (or not), I realized, that I love Fall weddings, but an early summer if really for us.

I LOVE flowers, and this was one of my deciding factors. I want to get married in a field of wildflowers, with the sun shining bright. Color was another important thing to me. I want our wedding to be bright, bubbly and beautiful. My fiance (being the more practical one) thought about the risk in weather, and the fact that he wants to be by the water, so a cooler season may make things too chilly. The two of us decided that the things which are important to us and we really want, would be better suited in the summer.

It was difficult to part with my longterm nuptial dream of a fabulous Fall wedding, but I found it reassuring to know that the things we want will be very accessible in the Summer. When you figure out things that you and your fiance want, and especially don't want, it is easier to decide by the season first, and then choose the month and date.So we've decided on June, a "not too hot, not too cold" month, full of sunshine, flowers and seabreezes. We haven't pinned down an actual date yet, but we have two in mind.

We are having a long engagement (2years) because we are young (23 and 21), but we also are recent college grads. James graduated college in 2010, and I just a few months ago, and we do have jobs (YAY!) but we need to get settled, save some money (we do have a wedding to pay for), and of course, plan our wedding! Some people are saying that we're going to push the wedding up and get married sooner because we won't want to wait that long, but we both agree that taking our time and making our wedding everything we want it to be (without going broke) will be best.

So June 2013 it is.. but if I do have two years, then why start making things and doing things now?? It is partly because I'm too impatient to wait to do things, but also the fact that we're going to be doing a lot of tasks on our own, so we need time to make them and not leave it all to the last three months before the wedding. Plus, we work, and I travel for my job a lot on the weekends. We, surprisingly, have a life, which often gets in the way of planning things, so starting early will only help us on our wedding journey!

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