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Friday, August 26, 2011

In the beginning...

Hi, my name is Autumn, and I am... a blogger. Or at least I'm trying to be one.

I have always loved scrapbooking, crafting and DIY (do it yourself) projects. When I was in college, I started a small craft business titled "Autumn's Blossoms." I mostly made things for friends, family and my sorority sisters. I loved that each item came out differently, I loved the planning of each item, and figuring out how to implement my ideas (most of the time). I was even voted "Most Crafty" in my sorority (THANKS LADIES)!!!

As of now, I am a recent college graduate and a working girl, just trying to make a living. I don't have as much time as I would like to create things, so I figured DIY-ing my wedding would be the perfect way to get back into crafting especially because I am obsessed with weddings! The planning, the pictures, the romance, the flowers and the creativity to make it your own, but I never realized how much goes into one before I started planning my own wedding after I got engaged!

Recently, I've been having some trouble with my planning. It is so hard to decide on a style, a venue, even a season and especially make decisions that my fiance and I can agree on (mainly cause he wants it to be one big football field and serve buffalo wings). I can only talk about weddings so much with my friends, so why not do what everyone else does, and take my thoughts and publish them for the entire world to read on the internet.

Now that I'm making my way down the aisle, and have many stops to make before I say, "I do", what better way to figure things out and share my advice than making my own blog. I hope you enjoy my ideas, humor and ultimately my wedding! Buckle-up everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

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