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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birthday Post, Birthday Post

You may know the song "Birthday Sex," so when reading the title of this blog, sing it to that.

Anyway, so the weigh in of my 22 before 22 goal was yesterday and, I lost 12pounds. I'm actually pretty happy with myself, 12pounds is alot, and at least I lost weight. Small steps here people. I'll keep you updated as to when I finally get to 22, and then my major milestone points along the way.

But I do need to deeply apologize for not keeping up with the posting. James and I have been very busy doing our planning, but also work has picked up tremendously. After spending 8 hours staring at a screen, it's a little difficult to bring myself to look at one at home.

But I do promise to get back into my routine of posting and I'll let you know what I was up to in my hiatus!

Stay tuned, stay crafty and stay patient =D

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  1. Congrats Autumn!! Thats so exciting! I'm so proud of you!